So what did our audition class participants have to say about their experience?  See for yourself!

" would definitely recommend this class to my acting friends"
"I wish it was longer!"
"[I loved] the chance to practice and get feedback from both directors and other actors in a relaxed, friendly environment"
"The small class size offered a lot of opportunity for individual attention and feedback"

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Week One: Getting Started

For our first session we will go over how to choose the best monologue for you to use at your local audition.  We will also cover the importance of a first impression at your audition, going over the casting notice and determining what role is best for you, what the director is looking for, and hold a mock cold reading audition.

week two: Mastering cold readings

Our week two session will cover everything you need to know to prepare for cold reading auditions, including how to handle director requests/adjustments and how to overcome difficult circumstances.  We will also practice cold readings.

week three: pre-audition prep

Week three will cover what not to do during an audition, as well as basic technical tips and tricks to help you succeed.  We will wrap up the class by checking in with monologue preparations. 

week four: monologue prep

Week four will consist of monologue rehearsal.

week five: mock audition & wrap-up

To conclude the series we will hold a mock audition, where you will get the chance to perform your monologue and perform a cold reading-style audition in front of local directors.  Directors will give feedback and suggest adjustments, and you will have a chance to make adjustments and check in on your work.