" What a weird, twisted, creepy, perfect little gem of a show. I can always count on Creative License to find work that makes me think, and usually work that’s new to me, both things I love. "
" Thank you to Creative License for, yet again, bringing new work to the area; it’s not often we see something this interesting and innovative, especially not with acting and direction this strong."
                                                                                 -Amy Durant, The Alt
" Creative License has assembled an excellent cast and “Mine” is well performed under director Casey Polomaine’s more than capable hand. "
" For those who like their theater a bit on the scary side, go and make “Mine” yours."
                                                                                 -Matthew Moross, The Daily Gazette

CLICK HERE for an interview with MINE Director Casey Polomaine from The Times Union

As a first-time mother about to have a home birth, Mari is certain of one thing: she can't wait to hold her baby. The next morning, shes certain of something else: the baby in her arms is not her baby. A contemporary thriller with age-old roots, MINE explores an unseen world where doubt and certainty blur and madness vies with reality.

"Arresting and intensely personal…you watch the piece with a mounting sense of dread…[Laura Marks is] a strikingly intimate young writer." —Chicago Tribune. "Chilling…Marks does something bold and takes the play into deeply disturbing, new psychological territory." —Huffington Post. "An intense psychological thriller…the kind of story we might have seen on Rod Serling's Twilight Zone, walking the line between reality and the supernatural…it will twist you in unforeseen ways." —AroundTheTownChicago.com. "Captivating story…unforgettable for its gripping content…riveting." —ChicagoTheaterBeat.com. "Truly haunting…even when it’s over, [MINE] will leave the theater with you and keep you pondering." —ShowbizChicago.com. "Deeply personal, deeply emotional…both haunting and sympathetic…fascinating." —Chicagoist.com. "Terrifying." —ChicagoTheatreReview.com.


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