Praise for LONELY, I'M NOT

"An accomplished regional premiere"

"Director Aaron Holbritter — who also designed the excellent sound and projections — effectively pairs [Ian] LaChance with Brigitta Giulianelli, [...] who's every bit a foil and complement to the talented LaChance."

"[...] this production offers a rich, nuanced portrait of specific, wholly realized people in a particular time and place."

-Steve Barnes, Times Union

"This damaged-boy-meets-defensive-girl story has the sweet suspense, elliptical construction and off-kilter charm of an ideal Hollywood rom...-com" (NY Times). At an age when most people are discovering what they want to do with their lives, Porter has been married and divorced, earned seven figures as a corporate "ninja," and had a nervous breakdown. It's been four years since he's had a job or a date, and he's decided to give life another shot. LONELY, I'M NOT is a comic journey that follows Porter as he meets an ambitious, sightless young businesswoman who is overcoming her own obstacles to emotional success.