Praise from our audience members of Parallel Lives

"'Parallel Lives' is tears-running-down-your-face funny!"

"This was absolutely fabulous!"

"Amazing talents! Great direction. Have not laughed that hard since watching "Forbidden Broadway" in The City."

"Hilarious...Just what I needed!"

Parallel Lives, written and originally performed by Kathy Najimy & Mo Gaffney, with its fast paced sketch comedy feel and biting wit, was a hit broadway show and was later filmed as a popular HBO Comedy special.  The original show, performed in 1986, was considered a rarity at the time-a comedy show written by and starring women.  Variety called it "a romp with a feminist sensibility; it's a humor for a post-Lily Tomlin generation.  Above all, PARALLEL LIVES is a smart, provocative show."