"Getting Caught in the Rain"

A broken relationship leads two people to seek the company of others.  As the storm outside grows stronger, they find themselves in the company of a grizzled bartender in an isolated bar, and a twist of fate changes everything... 

"Getting caught in the rain"

Written by Steve Polomaine
Directed by Isaac Newberry
Produced by Casey Polomaine and Aaron Holbritter

Gary Maggio as The Bartender
Jennifer Davidson as Claire
Evan Jones as Roger

Recording Engineer: Isaac Newberry
Edited by Aaron Holbritter
Photos: Casey Polomaine

This episode features original music by JC Woods
To speak to JC about upcoming releases or bookings, email the bronxwoods@hotmail.com

Additional Music:
Theme: "Happy Rock" (www.bensound.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons By Attribution 3.0


Recorded at Albany Barn, Albany, NY