Check out what the critics are saying about "The Picture of Dorian Gray"!

"Creative License has managed something astonishing: attracting an audience of hip young people that would be the envy of any theater company in the region. There were more beards, full-sleeve tattoos and knit caps in Friday's nearly sold-out crowd than I have ever seen attending a play locally — except at earlier Creative License productions. There's a genuine alchemy going on here that involves the Albany Barn's visitors and residents, Creative License's choices in edgy contemporary material, smart marketing on social media and more. As a middle-aged person who sometimes feels he's among the youngest in any given theater audience, it's deeply encouraging to see."
-Steve Barnes, Times Union

"A contemporary Dorian Gray that maintains the classic Wildean values"
"I highly recommend you see this one before it’s gone – this is a treat you deserve."
-Amy Durant, The Alt


"Dorian Gray [is a] a rip-roaring production"
"This vivid production should satisfy audiences of any age."
-Paul Lamar, Daily Gazette